Online 55th CIML Meeting: Agenda and documents


Draft Agenda

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Last updated: 2020-07-15


Draft Agenda
(V1 dated 2020-06-25)

CIML Agenda

Working Document
(V1 dated 2020-07-15)

CIML Working Document




Meeting Documents
(as PDFs)
The dates below refer to the dates on which the documents were uploaded
1 Opening remarks and meeting protocol      
2 Roll call      
3 Adoption of the Agenda (Version 1 dated 2020-06-25)      
4 Minutes of the 54th CIML Meeting
CIML Working Document
Addendum 4
5 Report by the CIML President      
6 Report by the BIML Director on BIML matters and activities
CIML Working Document
Addendum 6
7 Financial matters
7.1 2019 accounts  
7.2 Budget forecast for 2020
7.3 Budget for 2021
7.4 Arrears of Member States and Corresponding Members

CIML Working Document
Addendum 7.1a

CIML Working Document
Addendum 7.1b

8 OIML publications and technical activities
8.1 Publications and project proposals
8.2 Items for information
8.3 Key topics for the OIML Bulletin
9 OIML Certification System (OIML-CS)
9.1 Report by the OIML-CS Management Committee (MC) Acting Chairperson
9.2 Appointment of the OIML-CS MC Chairperson
9.3 Re-appointment of the OIML-CS MC Deputy Chairperson
9.4 Recommendations from the OIML-CS MC to the CIML
10 Report by the CEEMS Advisory Group Chairperson      
11 Report by the RLMO Round Table Chairperson      
12 OIML Awards
12.1 OIML Medals
12.2 OIML Letters of Appreciation
12.3 OIML CEEMS Award
13 Future meetings
13.1 56th CIML Meeting and 16th International Conference (2021 – P.R. China)
13.2 57th CIML Meeting (2022 – Russian Federation)
14 Other matters      
15 Review of draft resolutions and meeting actions      
16 Closing remarks