Invitation from Dr. Roman Schwartz, CIML President



Dr. Roman Schwartz


Dear Colleagues,

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s CIML meeting will be held online for the first time. The Presidential Council, the BIML Director and I feel that it is important to hold a meeting in order to show the progress in our work and that business continuity is being guaranteed. The 55th CIML Meeting will therefore be held from Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd October 2020.

There will be a three-hour session on each meeting day, with one short break, and the intention is to work with a streamlined agenda. The start time for each meeting day has been chosen so that the majority of Members can participate without difficulty.

All the relevant documents and technical information will be made available in advance on this meeting website. Although no decisions will be made during the meeting itself, procedures and options will be presented for online voting on Resolutions after the CIML meeting.

Neither an OIML Workshop nor any other related meetings, such as those of the CEEMS Advisory Group (AG) or the RLMO Round Table (RT), are planned in conjunction with this year’s online CIML meeting. However, the CEEMS AG and members of the RLMO RT are encouraged to hold their own online meetings prior to the CIML meeting so that their respective reports can be presented at the CIML meeting.

In order for the online CIML meeting to run smoothly, the number of connections will be limited to one per Member State and Corresponding Member. Of course, it is not a problem for a Member to have all the members of their delegation physically present in the same room to participate in the meeting, provided that there is only one connection to the online CIML meeting. Alternatively, other members of the delegation may observe via a webinar connection. Further information regarding this option will be provided closer to the meeting.

As no decisions will be made during the meeting itself, proxies are not needed for this online CIML meeting. If the CIML Member or Corresponding Member Representative is unable to participate, a “Head of Delegation” may be nominated to represent the Member State or Corresponding Member accordingly.

The BIML has prepared this website for the 55th CIML Meeting, which provides detailed information. The deadline for registering via this website is 2 October 2020; if you are unable to register via the website, or encounter any other difficulties, please contact Mrs. Patricia Saint-Germain (Administrator, Members) at the BIML.

I look forward to seeing you online in October 2020.


Yours faithfully,


Dr Roman Schwartz
CIML President


Invitation to the online 55th CIML Meeting -
CIML Members and OIML Corresponding Members: